1. Click HERE to get started.
  2. Once you are redirected to the website, you will need to click the "Enroll" hot link under "DISTRIBUTOR LINKS" at the bottom center of the page.
  3. You will then need to Select Your Country.
  4. Next is "Step 1" - Complete All Personal Information. At the bottom of Step 1 is where you will choose your Username and Password. NOTE: The username will also be the URL for your replicated website where you will send people to sign up underneath you. (For example, I chose moringatruth as my username, so my website where I referred you was
  5. Next is "Step 2" - Become a Distributor. Check the box next to "Yes! I want to become a Distributor." Remember that the $39 charge will be waived when you order products totaling 250 PV.
  6. Next is "Step 3" - Choose Pack(s). I recommend that you choose either the Zija Speed Builder System 1 (SmartMix) (US $660) or the Zija Speed Builder System 2 (SmartMix) (US $1320). The SuperMix is Zija's flagship product and the Builder Systems include a sampling of all the Zija products.
  7. Next is "Step 4" - AutoShip Product Options. In order to qualify for maximum commissions, you need to autoship at least 150 GV each month (around US $200). Personally, I get 2 of the SmartMix each month, which totals 150 GV and qualifies me for maximum commissions. Be sure to fill in the circle next to "Participate in the Team 250 program" at the bottom of step 4.
  8. Step 5 is where you choose a payment method.
  9. Step 6 is the checkout which gives you a summary of your order.

Welcome to the Moringa Magic Team!!

Ty Bollinger
 (281) 509-9799

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